Why Patriot?

Why Choose Patriot Strategies?

We're master storytellers

At the core of every successful company is a great story.  But packaging up that story and making it relevant each day for multiple touch points, such as newspapers, magazines, broadcast and social media has become increasingly challenging. The Patriot Strategies team excels at creating and packaging stories that are relevant to today's news and trends by using compelling content, visuals, and well versed spokespeople.

We have only 100% senior level, hands-on talent

At most agencies, senior level staff aren't pitching your stories. They are focusing on finding new clients, far removed from the daily activities of what is happening in your industry while the junior staff is working on the front lines. At Patriot Strategies, your team is comprised of senior level communications professionals with over 15 years experience, working with you every day, to create stories and pitch media on your behalf.

We are content generators

Marketing is impossible without great content. We believe that a content-driven marketing communications program integrated with a dynamic public relations program is a powerful combination. Content marketing is the concept of driving new business by making valuable and relevant information available to targeted customers to help build brand and create thought leadership. Good content marketing can attract and retain customers as well as build brands in a trusted manner. Patriot Strategies can act as an additional resource to accelerate your existing marketing efforts, provide new perspective, or act as your "marketing department" so you can concentrate on running your business.  We offer a full-range of marketing services to help you effectively reach your target markets.

We are straight shooters

Our clients choose us because we are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. We are direct and honest, advising our clients on what will or will not work.

We save you money

With budgets tightening, controlling your expenses is necessary in today's economy. By keeping office overhead down, negotiating deals with our service providers, and eliminating extra expenses typically billed by other agencies for unneeded infrastructure, Patriot Strategies offers cost-effective programs for companies of all sizes. And we do this with highly individualized attention and exceptional personal service.

We give you a team

We always work in teams. To become an industry leader, you need multiple people on the front lines, pitching stories, talking to customers, and building relationships on your behalf. We leverage the cumulative relationships and knowledge with journalists, bloggers, analysts, and industry pundits within Patriot Strategies to create a "network effect" and can bring additional resources to the table as we need them.

We are passionate and persistent

Patriot Strategies is relentless at finding the "hidden target," using new and creative approaches to succinctly articulate and consistently deliver your key messages. We don't give up, are responsive, and ensure that when we approach the media, we are not wasting our time or theirs.

We know your industry

Collectively, we have years of experience in a wide variety of public sectors, clean energy sectors, technology market sectors, consumer technologies, vertical market solutions and service organizations.  We dive deep, listening to market trends daily and jumping in on your behalf to pitch your relevant stories and blog about your opinions to catapult you into a thought leadership position.

We are flexible and targeted

We are flexible, nimble and able to adapt to your changing priorities. And unlike other firms that give you a cookie cutter program, we package a customized set of integrated services that will help you impact your bottom line.  We don't want to waste your time or money on activities that won't help you meet your objectives.