Our Mission

At Patriot Strategies, your message is our mission. It's that simple. We specialize in conveying your message through results-oriented public relations counsel, superior strategic communications services and exceptional execution that maximize our clients' success. We strive to create true partnerships which integrate our specialized knowledge and skills with the clients' desires for awareness and increased business. We believe in vision, inspired by creative forethought and tempered by valued hindsight.

Our Expertise

Our award-winning diversity and inclusion practice helps clients embrace, celebrate and reach diverse consumers. With an experienced and accomplished D & I team, we work with clients to innovate and expand their reach into influential segments that include Women and Communities of Color.

We have a deep and longstanding commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in business, in society and within our firm.

At Patriot Strategies, diversity and inclusion are not just moral imperatives, they are integral to our dual mission -- to help our clients make substantial, lasting performance improvements and to build a firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

Through our groundbreaking research, we have set out a compelling business and economic case for diversity. Using our global reach, we share our insights, convene partnerships for action, and serve clients to inform critical decision-makers with the power to make real change.

We help organizations craft better diversity and inclusion strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Practice advises and supports clients across industries, helping them customize their own approaches to creating value through improving diversity and fostering an inclusive culture.

Drawing on our extensive research and expertise, we use innovative capabilities based on behavioral psychology, as well as proprietary tools and technology-driven solutions, to help clients access the benefits of diversity.

Public Relations / Strategic Communications

Patriot has an innovative approach to public relations that is unrivaled in the industry. We are passionate about delivering our clients’ news to top-tier media across broadcast, print, online and social media outlets that will create a major impact on their brand or business.

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Public and Government Affairs

Our professionals have worked at the highest levels of the executive branch, congress, state and local government, and with the most important advocacy groups and NGOs. They have a 360° view of how to create impact in this rapidly changing environment, employing insight-driven strategies and decades of experience.

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Global Affairs

Patriot Strategies understands the intersection of foreign affairs, public affairs, media, U.S. politics, and Capitol Hill because we live it. Few people possess this expertise and understand how to convey the right message to the appropriate audience in the most impactful way. This is our expertise.

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Trade and International Affairs

Patriot Strategies ensures that our clients’ voices are heard on Capitol Hill, within the Biden Administration, and in priority markets overseas.

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Campaigns & Elections

We campaign to win
Strategy and storytelling are at the heart of our craft. We help develop your message and deliver it to the right people with creative media and mail. We use television, digital ads and direct mail to tell your story to the right people on the right platforms at just the right time.

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International Political Consulting

Patriot Strategies’ election experts and international political consultants work with candidates, elected officials, campaigns and political parties in the United States and throughout the world.

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Special Events Management

Patriot Strategies has extensive experience planning events ranging from 10 to 10,000+ guests. We manage every aspect from drafting invitations, finding venues, building host committees, driving attendance, and running day-of logistics. We approach event planning with the creativity and foresight necessary to work within a budget and fit the needs of each client.

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Creative Services

Ideation. Visualization. Content Creation. Branding. Our disruptive thinking takes us from a creative strategy to full-on execution. Bring us your story and our award-winning design team will bring it to life through social graphics, data visualizations, photography, films, books, slideshows, landing page design, and more.

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Sports & Entertainment

We have decades of experience supporting sponsorships on a collegiate, professional and international level. Our approach brings brands to life through content-driven, social, and virtual and live experiences. We have assisted brands, artists, athletes, leagues and governing bodies in driving viewership, engagement, and increasing the value of their partnerships on the world’s stage, at the track, in-stadium, and away from the field of play.

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Technology & Innovation

Emerging technologies will shape the world and the way we do business, but only if people know about their potential. Let us help you grow your idea into a multi-billion dollar business. We have helped clients sell into industries including Financial Services, Retail, Transportation, Education, Manufacturing, Energy and Marketing.

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Analytics and Insights

Our team of integrated research, analytics, and measurement pros is the foundation of our approach to building impactful communications programs. We are a team of naturally curious, passionate, strategic thinkers who use rigor to uncover and understand relevant cultural and category trends, the competitive landscape, brand footprint, and what motivates stakeholder behavior. Real-time measurement tracks success and ensures our work drives outcomes, not just outputs.

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Commercial Due Diligence

Patriot Strategies has performed work for lenders toward new financings and refinancing of ongoing businesses as well as for equity investors to support their consideration of new systems or of mergers or acquisitions.

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Satellite Manufacturing and Launch

Patriot Strategies anticipates almost a quintupling in satellite demand between 2020 and 2029 with an average of 1,250 satellites to be launched on a yearly basis.

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Commercial Earth Observation

More than 50 companies have announced their intention to develop Earth observing constellations, representing roughly 1,800 small satellites. This proliferation of new constellations results from a record year for fundraising in 2019.

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Space Exploration

Funding for space exploration is forecast to increase to $30 billion by 2029, driven by Moon exploration, transportation, and orbital infrastructure.  Thirty-one countries and space agencies lead this global investment with the U.S. accounting for 71% of spending. 

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Crisis Communications / Reputation Management

Patriot Strategies strategic media plans and specific services are tailored to the needs of your company.  We work either as your spokesperson or behind the scenes, helping to navigate the complexities of today’s multimedia environment.

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Multicultural Engagement

With over 25 years of experience interacting with multicultural markets, we know how to deliver results for your Hispanic marketing, African American marketing, or Asian marketing campaign.

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Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Our award-winning diversity and inclusion practice helps clients embrace, celebrate and reach diverse consumers.

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Energy and Sustainability

Driving energy innovation, protecting natural resources and fighting climate change.  We’re at the center of the global energy and climate debates — shaping conversations and influencing decision-makers around renewable energy, conservation, sustainability, climate change and clean transportation.

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Healthcare and Bio-science

The global health and wellness industry is now worth several trillion dollars. Patriot Strategies has extensive experience working with consumer products, lifestyle brands, retailers and even destinations targeting the wellness-minded individuals who fuel this growing industry. We understand the psychology of those buyers who will spend discretionary income to better themselves, eat and drink healthier items, and who generally want to live the best lives they possibly can. And we are experts at using those insights to create and execute meaningful marketing programs that drive business results for our clients.

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Cannabis & CBD

Patriot Strategies is equipped to guide your cannabis brand in the proper direction while strategically navigating your public relations and marketing needs. We will do this by spotlighting the product line, telling your unique story, and bringing attention and awareness to your rapidly growing business in key identified markets.

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Global Philanthropy

Patriot Strategies advises the world's leading philanthropists. We believe that everyone can do something and that every sector has a role to play.

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

We provide a wide range of Blockchain focused Marketing, Advertising, SEO, Analytics & Communications services, and are able to assist with Product & Service Launches, as well as end-to-end support with ICO’s.

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Virtual Events Management

Extend your outreach beyond borders or limitations. Take your events online and go global with just a few clicks with our virtual events platform.

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Some of our clients

Global reach with a local presence

Patriot offers the focused expertise and client attention of a boutique agency with the reach of a corporate office. As the Washington, DC member agency of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), we have access to nearly 50 public relations agency offices nationally and worldwide to service international programs.

Our Approach


The first step is to research, evaluate and fully understand your particular needs. Our emphasis is on hand-tailored strategies and messages. Every communications challenge is different, and we do not believe in formulas. We do believe in using our expertise and experience to identify your unique needs and how we can help you fulfill them. We work closely with you throughout the implementation process to ensure that all communication is closely aligned with your goals.

We offer three compensation alternatives to meet client needs: professional hourly fees, a project fee or an agreed upon monthly retainer for ongoing program requirements.

Our Philosophy

Our firm's business philosophy is based on universally regarded morals and principles. Service is the cornerstone of our credo: Service to our clients, to our community and to one another

Tough challenges require a rare combination of intelligence and curiosity.

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