Industry expertise

Industries We Serve

Patriot Strategies develops successful strategy, ads, Public Relations, Government Relations, media placement, direct response and interactive across a wide landscape of client categories.

Our major difference: We think like Business and deliver with award-winning creative passion. So it doesn't matter which area we practice our expertise. Marketing isn't about just creating an ad, a Web site, press releases, or a white paper campaign. It's about driving your strategy through the process to success. Clients come to us for our strategy, and stay with us for our results-driven programs.

Some of our extensive client experience includes working in these groups.

  • Public Affairs/Government Relations

  • Political Campaigns/PAC Management

  • "Green"/Clean Energy Communications

  • Climate Change and the Environment

  • Biotechnology

  • Higher Education

  • Lifestyle: Entertainment, Sports & Fashion

  • Lifestyle: Beauty, Health & Fitness

  • Multicultural Engagement

  • Transportation

  • Defense/Homeland Security

  • Health Care

  • Banking and Finance

  • Indian Affairs/Gaming

  • Urban Solutions

  • International Trade

  • Real Estate

  • Travel/Tourism & Hospitality

  • Technology Marketing

  • Satellite & Space Technology

  • Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

  • Consumer Products

  • Manufacturing/Industrial

  • Food/Convenience

  • Insurance

  • Consumer Brands

  • Corporate Communications

  • Federal Appropriations

  • Intellectual Property

  • Non-profit Representation

  • Virtual Events Management

  • Data & Analytics

  • Publishing & Authors