Patriot Strategies is a member of the PR World Alliance, an alliance of best-of-breed independent communication consultancies with member firms in key European capitals, Canada and the United States. Our partners are established, respected and accomplished firms with a solid reputation for producing superior results. Each brings an extensive depth of knowledge in their countries as well as a solid understanding of the dynamic international marketplace.

These firms are led by respected practitioners with deep business, financial, media and political experience and contacts; our firm has served and continues to serve on the organization’s board of directors. As a partner, we enjoy strong business and personal relationships fostered by regular meetings where we share best practices and exchange business insights.

Many of our partners have deep global experience in critical PR market verticals and specialty areas allowing us to create “virtual account teams” to support client campaigns on a one-off or ongoing basis.

For example:

  • Banking/financial services/investor relations: Voxia Communications, Geneva, Switzerland; NBS, Warsaw, Poland; Kable Communications, Paris, France; NewMark Financial Communication, Frankfurt, German
  • Food/beverage/spirits/luxury: Panama PR, Stuttgart, Germany; CAP & CIME PR, Paris, France;
  • Crisis communications/public affairs: Svoboda Consulting Communications, Vienna, Austria; Larouche Consultant, Montreal, Canada; Stanton Communications, Washington, D.C.; Briefing Communications, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Corporate & Corporate Social Responsibility: SECI, Milan, Italy; Marcommit, The Netherlands; Comvision, Stockholm, Sweden;
  • Special events/business development/marketing: Persona Communications, Istanbul, Turkey

Many of our partners enjoy expertise outside of our organization’s own. We turn to them to inform or lead those campaigns. PR World Alliance partners are available for individual meetings, projects or ongoing support. We manage all PRWA engagements in collaboration with a principal of the partner firm, assuring our clients of Patriot Strategies  senior counseling and strategic business-oriented results.

Patriot Strategies is an active member of thenetworkone, the world’s leading independent agency network for advertising, communications, PR, media and digital agencies representative of 1,000 agencies in 109 countries. This organization provides us with access to agencies virtually anywhere our clients need project or ongoing support from Australia to Zambia. Need to consult with a provider overseas? Give us a call.

Investor Relations Global is a new generation PR consultancy firm that is highly specialized in financial communications for publicly-listed companies in the Philippines, Vietnam and the Southeast Asian region. The firm promotes cross-border investments through its partnerships with IR Asia-Pacific Hong Kong Ltd. Investor Relations Global is part of Systembrand, an integrated advertising, design and public relations firm. Contact us for an introduction.