Analytics & Insights

Vision. Intelligence. Insight.

Advances in optical satellite technology, big-data analytics and cloud computing are combining to position Earth Observation data as a pivotal source of business and organizational intelligence.

Now data is at the heart of all the big decisions. When you’re the first to clearly observe change in your world, and to interpret what that change means for your organization, you’re better equipped to make critical decisions or seize the advantage.

In every image there’s a deduction to be found; in every pixel a data point to match to some other data point; in every deep-dive analysis something new for the machine to learn. Don’t get left behind – see your future world more clearly.

Insight Applications

  • Infrastructure and asset monitoring
  • Damage and area impact assessment
  • Digital elevation models
  • Traffic and movement analysis
  • Commodity supply chain analysis
  • Environmental change detection
  • Activity and anomaly detection
  • Insurance risk analysis

Analytics Capabilities

Automated Change Detection

2D/3D Modeling

Feature Extraction

Object Recognition and Classification

Moving Object Analysis

Mapping and Land Use Classification