Campaigns & Elections


How we win

Our services cover the full spectrum of political campaign management consulting and election campaign strategy development. We offer the following:

  • Political polls and surveys – design, implementation and analysis
  • Perform issue research/opposition research
  • Research-driven, polling-based message development
  • Develop/create/manage media strategy and campaigns, from traditional media to digital/New Media and Web 2.0
  • Advise on budgeting and fundraising strategies
  • Develop Get-Out-The-Vote and absentee-balloting strategy
  • Write/edit news releases, talking points, speeches
  • Advise on negative information handling
  • Political crisis management
  • Analyze district/precinct-level voting histories and develop voter contact strategies.

Policy Training

We ensure our candidates have a full grasp and understanding of policy issues and their relevance to both the policy-making process and the voters.

Candidate Development

We assess candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and work to reduce/eliminate weaknesses while enhancing their strengths. We coach candidates on public speaking and voter engagement.

Political Image Consulting

We coach candidates on how to project the confidence voters look for in their leaders. We work one-on-one to enhance their political image and appeal.

Candidate Coaching

We coach candidates and help them prepare for media interviews, debates, voter forums and meetings.

Organizational Development

The backbone of an effective communications operation is the organization and structure of the communications team. These include the Office of the Communications Director, Press Secretary, and Liaison Offices such as media relations and community outreach. Our experts will assist with putting in place the right organization in order to meet your communication goals.

Staff Development

From senior communications officers to support staff, the right team, skills and know-how are essential in ensuring a smooth, effective and efficient communications operation. We assist with Staff Selection and Identification, Skills Development and Training

TV & Digital Ad Production

We produce videos that bring stories to life. Through compelling narratives and custom production, our videos break through the noise and drive your message forward.

Direct Mail

Our work delivers an impactful message at kitchen tables within seconds using compelling visuals that jump off the page.

Message Development & Copywriting

Using the best available data, we develop messaging (both positive and negative) that moves the right audiences and puts campaigns on the path to victory. We make every word count.

Data Analytics

We analyze historical trends, polling data, cutting-edge best practices and real-time canvass data from doors and phones to refine universes and audiences at each step of a campaign.


Strong visuals are the core of effective campaign advertising, and they don’t happen by accident. We plan out the visuals for each piece of media, whether we’re shooting photos or video, so that each and every shot is precisely tailored to the message it needs to convey.


Your logo will appear on almost every piece of media you put out. It’s critical to strike the right tone. Our strategists and designers develop smart, attractive, on-message identities that give your campaign a distinct look and feel.