Commercial Due Diligence

Patriot Strategies offers a comprehensive due diligence capability to serve the needs of lenders and investors in major transactions.

This capability ranges from independent assessment of business plans to developing independent banking cases and company evaluations. Each of these assessments include a detailed examination of national and regional market trends, with pricing, competition and market access issues. Furthermore, we typically provide detailed demand and revenue forecasts by target regions and applications, and in-depth reviews of contracting terms and practices. We have performed such work for lenders toward new financings and refinancing of ongoing businesses as well as for equity investors to support their consideration of new systems or of mergers or acquisitions.

  • Assessment of competitive positioning

This includes a detailed assessment of the company's historic and current commercial and financial performance; an analysis of the company's strategy; a review of its key assets including satellites, orbital slots, and frequency rights, ground networks, etc.; as well as competitive strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis). The assessment also typically includes a review of relationships with suppliers, partners, distributors, etc., and a detailed review/assessment of key customers.

  • Critical review of the company's business plan

If available, our assessment often includes a critical independent review of the company's existing business plan, its underlying assumptions and the resulting projected financial/commercial projections as presented by the company's management. Key elements that are typically reviewed include assumptions on market growth, fill rates, pricing, revenue, as well as the cost structure (marketing, operating costs...), profit margins, future capex requirements to support the company's growth strategy, and other elements as relevant.

  • Independent commercial & financial forecasts

Based on the assessment in the aforementioned parts, we provide an independent forecast on the company/project's revenues and profits

  • Sensitivity & scenario analysis

  • We simulate a reasonably cautious materialization of the risk and measure its impact on the business plan and financial forecasts. In certain cases we also provide upside cases.
  • Their investors or lenders
  • Their customers and suppliers


  • Over 30 years of experience in providing financial and commercial due diligence for global financial firms and key industry players
  • With a vast pool of financial experts available, we cover thorough due diligence at high industry standards
  • Our senior experts prepare and moderate the training based on superior knowledge and direct practical experience regarding space projects
  • Using our constantly updated in-house research, we provide you with the latest and most up-to-date content, to which you have further access through our published research reports


  • Direct access to knowledgeable industry experts, open to answering your questions
  • Fully flexible and customized content developed with you or based on standard packages
  • Experiential learning with demonstrable knowledge transfer
  • Dynamic environment conducive to team building
  • International networking opportunities
  • Proprietary databases and forecast models developed over 30 years that are systematically applied
  • The consistency of our approach is an essential quality trusted by leading space organizations that are regular customers over the years