Commercial Earth Observation

Commercial Earth Observation

Global market for commercial Earth observation data and services to reach $8 billion by 2029, growing from $4.6 billion in 2019. While defense accounted for 64% of the market in 2019, growth will be driven by both defense and commercial market demand, as well as the increase of data from low cost constellations.

With a global market projected to reach $8 billion by 2029, growth is expected to be driven by a mix of defense and new commercial markets, supported by the arrival of new constellation operators with low-cost solutions. More than 50 companies have announced their intention to develop Earth observing constellations, representing roughly 1,800 small satellites, the majority of which are under 50kg. This proliferation of new constellations results from a record year for fundraising in 2019, with more than $800 million invested. These new constellations will compete with the incumbent players for lower accuracy and higher revisit rate data which is expected to put pressure on pricing. As data price points come down, especially for one-meter ground resolution that can be leveraged for value-added services, the data market is expected to slow, despite increased usage.

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