Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Many organizations are choosing this moment of demographic and cultural change to evaluate their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Often an organization finds itself thrust into a self-reckoning, as when it is suddenly challenged to take a stand on an urgent question of fairness related to race, ethnicity, gender, age, orientation or ability. 

Although fairness is the right reason to commit to inclusion, the secondary benefits are significant. Diversity and Inclusion help organizations and institutions thrive. When organizations truly embrace the power, potential, creativity, and experience of their primary audiences, they have an inherent mandate to lead. For example:

want to engage with companies that reflect their needs, wants, and desires. 

Employees yearn to be part of an organization that values who they are and what they bring to the table.

Students select a college or university where they’re confident they will flourish. 

Investors favor the innovation and growth that comes from diversity in leadership and talent.

To work, an organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion needs to be real. And change must come from within.

Make inclusion real—and relevant

With our unique relevance methodology, Patriot Strategies is uniquely positioned to help organizations meet the twin challenges of achieving true inclusion, and communicating that transformation. We can help you change, and make it relevant.

Sophisticated yet cost-effective, our Relevance methodology is at the core of where we can support you in:

Recruiting talent.
Are you looking to attract and hire a more diverse workforce for your firm or business? We work with clients to develop strategies and programs designed to communicate and engage with minority communities.

Engaging internal audiences.
You’re making the investment in a diverse workforce, but are your internal communications designed to nurture and retain those valuable new hires? We work with you to design and execute internal communications programs that build and strengthen an internal organizational culture that embraces and celebrates the benefits of diversity in the workplace.

Developing and building markets.
Are your products and services positioned to attract clients and consumers from a range of cultures and backgrounds? We can provide assessments on how to adjust product/service marketing and communications to maximize interest among emerging majority minority populations.

Leading by example.
You’ve invested in a diverse workforce, but are your actions having a ripple effect across your industry or sector? We can work with you to build out thought leadership programs that keep your organization at the forefront of the diversity and inclusion movement.

Navigating challenges.
Creating a more diverse workforce and inclusive workplace isn’t easy. There are often bumps along the road. Crisis events can become much more complex. We work with clients to navigate the complexities of today and tomorrow’s workforce.

Inclusion takes effort. But at Patriot, we believe inclusion should be the natural and permanent state of any organization. Let’s talk about how to achieve it—and make it relevant.