International Political Consulting

International Political Consulting

Patriot Strategies is a leading global political and public relations management firm based in Washington, DC, near the White House.  We specialize in political strategy and communication, polling, campaign management, candidate development, media strategy and advertising, digital and social media strategy.

Our approach

A winning candidate must project the right political image, boost a clear, effective and well-articulated message, and adopt a campaign strategy reflecting unambiguous goals. Our comprehensive approach to political consulting includes campaign and communication strategy, message development, political technology, traditional and new media strategy, and candidate development.

Our reach

We offer political consulting services to candidates, parties and campaigns internationally. Whether our global political consulting work takes us to Europe, Latin America, Asia, or Africa, you can count on our political consultants to deliver the quality of political advising you expect in a professional, confidential and timely manner.

Our services

In delivering results, we rely on in-country knowledge of the system’s electoral laws, election regulations, and political and cultural norms and traditions.

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Our campaign consulting services offered include the following, among others:

Political Technology

Gain the competitive edge by taking advantage of our latest political technology tools and methods to deliver your message to the voters that matter.


Rely on scientific tools and knowledge to assess your electorate and help craft your campaign strategy. We design and implement political polls and surveys to meet your specific political and campaign goals.

Political Party Building

Improve your party’s organizational structures and internal processes and procedures. Our political campaign experts work closely with party committees to create election campaign strategies supporting candidates and/or issues.

Candidate Development

We assess a candidate’s strength and weaknesses and work to eliminate weaknesses while enhancing his or her strengths. We coach candidates on their approach to voters’ interaction and engagement, media interviewing and debating.

Political Image Consulting

Project the right political image as a candidate or elected official. We make leaders look like leaders. We ensure you project the confidence voters look for in their leader by enhancing your political image and appeal.


As media consultants, we create and manage traditional and digital media campaigns including New Media and Web 2.0. We advise on negative information handling and political crisis management.

Global Corporate Headquarters


Patriot Strategies LLC
1717 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Suite 1025
Washington, DC 20006

One purpose of your campaign may be to renew faith in the democratic process.
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