Public & Government Affairs

Public & Government Affairs

Escalating tensions between governments, civil society organizations, international institutions and multinational firms have significant implications for publicly traded and private companies. As they pursue growth strategies against increasing market pressure, technological disruption, public scrutiny, and political unpredictability, leadership must remain vigilant of the political risk to operations and reputation. They must constantly assess political landscapes to manage and mitigate risk when events materialize and threaten value. Increasingly, these events impact the reputation and character of executive teams, boards of directors, and the company itself in other arenas, including capital markets, commercial markets and courts.

How We Help

With a team of hundreds of specialists in every major financial and political capital in the world, Patriot Strategies advises executive teams, boards of directors, and their legal, financial and public affairs advisors in leveraging public affairs and government relations strategies to meet the demands of this political reality. Clients lean on us to help them engage with their stakeholders’ agendas, deliver results, and protect value. We are totally equipped to advise clients in the areas of regulatory and legislative change, transactions requiring government approval, arbitration and litigation with governments, and government investigations. Engage us for expert assistance with:

  • Integrated media. Communications has become democratized — information and opinions are no longer in silos. Decision makers and influencers are guided and informed through multiple sources: newspapers, magazines, broadcast and cable news, online news sites, owned media and social media. We are expert at developing multi-stakeholder and multi-channel communications strategies to ensure client reputations remain intact by consistently producing and promoting content to reach critical audiences.

  • Civic engagement. Policymakers depend on a network of external advice to govern decision making. The NGO community, academics, political peers and the private sector, among others, all contribute to a chorus of opinion and counsel. We effectively deliver messages to these key stakeholders through direct engagement and the media to build consensus and momentum toward smarter, more effective policies.

  • Direct advocacy. In every regulatory center, our specialists directly engage with elected and appointed policymakers to inform the decision-making process, sharing perspectives and data on the implications of suggested policies at key inflection points. Often, these policy discussions are occurring across borders and jurisdictions, and our firm reaches governments in mature and emerging markets to deliver results. We are also experienced in reviewing the government affairs functions of large multinationals, helping clients build capacity and ensure they are fit-for-purpose and in line with latest best practices.

  • Policy research and political intelligence. Clients rely on our firm’s best-in-class capacities in research and intelligence to help them develop and deliver optimal arguments that lead to winning outcomes. Our capabilities include public opinion research, social media and sentiment analysis, economic studies, political intelligence, as well as content development to translate comprehensive research into clear arguments to strengthen alliances, persuade the undecided, and counteract adverse arguments.