Satellite Manufacturing and Launch

Satellite Manufacturing and Launch

Commercial constellations set new standards for the industry in numbers but GEO comsat and government still drive the biggest demand in manufacturing and launch revenues. As a matter of fact, although commercial constellations concentrate 70% of satellite demand, they only account for 8% of the global market value in the next decade (2020s).

Patriot Strategies anticipates almost a quintupling in satellite demand between 2020 and 2029 with an average of 1,250 satellites to be launched on a yearly basis. In comparison to the 260 yearly satellites launched in the previous decade, this skyrocketing number cements the structural changes occurring in the market and the industry, not only in the number of satellites but also in terms of satellite missions and operators, both governmental and commercial.

The satellite industry will indeed experience a quick and radical transformation when it comes to satellite numbers. However, despite this spike in satellite demand, we are looking at half of the market concentrated around a handful of mega constellations. In addition, some being vertically integrated, it means that their procurement will not be done on an open competition basis. Nevertheless, GEO comsat remains the leading segment pulling 1/3 of the market revenues, but here too, a -20% drop is anticipated in operational assets by 2029.

Analysis & forecasts for satellite manufacturing & launch services

A Sample of Our Consulting Expertise

  • Market study of ADR and EOL satellite removal for a European satellite manufacturer
  • Study of the market potential for CX-2 for a European satellite manufacturer
  • Small satellite launch demand accessible to a new launch vehicle for a national space agency
  • Benchmark of satellite operations processes for a North American space agency
  • Long term prospects for launch mass distribution into GTO for a new generation of heavy lift launch vehicle for a European space agency
  • Survey of worldwide space launch prices to GEO and LEO for a European space agency
  • Economic analysis of the telecommunication satellite constellations in LEO for a French ministry
  • Strategic analysis of the market for a micro-satellite launcher for Canada
  • Small satellite market below 500kg accessible to a European launch vehicle
  • Worldwide commercial and institutional launch service demand accessible to a specific launch provider