Technology & Innovation

Our clients use technology to change the world. We make sure the world is listening.

We are a team of fearless tech enthusiasts who understand the industry and the forces that drive it. Our team blends strategy and specialty in B2B and B2C tech including enterprise, consumer, fin-tech, ed-tech, health-tech, and security-tech, to name a few. We represent change agents, disruptors, and challenger brands with integrated, data-driven strategies.

Today’s innovators are changing how we live, work, communicate, even travel. From Fortune 500s to startups, we’ve helped countless companies launch new products, elevate their brand and reimagine entire industries through powerful PR and communications strategies.


  • Working for the world’s most innovative companies on pioneering programs
  • Understanding stakeholder implications of unforeseen, technology-driven change
  • Developing news, brand and thought leadership content as integral components of PR, media relations and lead gen campaigns
  • Using live media and partner engagement programs to drive more value at industry events
  • Consulting on and embedding data solutions to improve and optimize communications operations